Hummingbird Finance partners with RapidSwapBot

What about security?

RapidSwapBot uses Walletconnect protocol, trusted and used by millions of people. The Swap Bot cannot make any transactions on your behalf without you approving each transaction with your wallet first, which is then digitally signed and submitted to the blockchain.
✅ All interactions are through WalletConnect.
✅ All communication is end-to-end encrypted.


How can we add RapidSwapbot to our group?

Go to their dedicated group for details.

Can I see how it works?

Here’s a quick video

I want to get deep in the details?

Of course, go here

Who needs details, can I try it now?


Where are they?


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Hummingbird Finance & NestSwap

Hummingbird Finance & NestSwap

Crypto currency for staking, farming and protecting hummingbirds through charitable donations