New Staking & Gaming Partnership with GOBNB

GoBNB ($GOBNB) is a new reward token that pays out holders 6% rewards in BNB. With their upcoming Play 2 Earn car racing game and our own cars with our logo on them, it is going to be a great partnership!

GoBNB is an audited smart contract on the BSC network. Launched March 10th they have exciting plans ahead. The partnership with NestSwap supports the new project by offering rewards to holders that stake their tokens for up to 30 days to earn more! Stake GOBNB, earn GOBNB

GOBNB have regular updates on their Medium blog GOBNB token — Medium

Be sure to follow them for more updates.

Become a partner

If you own a BSC project and would like to set up your own pools with Nestswap, apply here

Native Pool

Pool: Stake GoBNB >> Earn GoBNB
Duration: 30 DAYS
Staking tax: 0%
Locking period: no lock

Where can I buy GoBNB?

Available to buy on Nestswap and PancakeSwap

GOBNB (Contract):
Set Slippage to: 11–12%

Tax And Rewards 👇(no tax or earnings while staking)
_ 2% For Marketing 📊
_ 2% Goes To Liquidity 🔐
_ 6% Rewards To Holders 🙌💎



Hummingbird Finance (Token: $HMNG)

A low tax smart contract on Binance Smart Chain giving rewards in USDT. Contract: 0x851944049DFdd189725b136c5AE3fb83cC62b28D